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The purpose of Core Facilities is to provide all faculty members access to state-of-the-art equipment, techniques or facilities in certain key areas and to provide also the necessary expertise for the use of instruments or to provide analyses or material as service.

The purpose of Large Instrument Facilities is to provide all faculty members access to state-of-the-art equipment. In contrast to Core Facilities these facilities do not provide expert time and service measurements.

Large Instrument Facilities

Tropical field station La Gamba

The La Gamba Field Station is a research and teaching facility associated to and supported by the University of Vienna and the Faculty of Life Sciences, respectively. Situated at the edge of the Regenwald der Österreicher (Rainforest of the Austrians) in Costa Rica. Being located in one of the most species-rich lowland rainforests in Central America, it is an ideal location for field research, courses and seminars.

Large Instruments - contact information

Electron Microscopes

Core Facility of Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research (Daniela Gruber: daniela.gruber@univie.ac.at; T: 4277-54421)

Department of Structural and Functional Botany (Martina Weber: martina.weber@univie.ac.at, Heidemarie Halbritter: heidemarie.halbritter@univie.ac.at, T 4277 54007; Perica Brodaric: perica.brodaric@univie.ac.at, T: 4277-54015)

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes

Core Facility of Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research (Irene Lichtscheidl: irene.lichtscheidl@univie.ac.at, T: 4277-54270)

Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Research (Holger Daims: holger.daims@univie.ac.at;
T 4277-76604)

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Steffen Hering: steffen.hering@univie.ac.at,T: 4277-55310)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Ernst Urban: ernst.urban@univie.ac.at,
T 4277-55105)

Department of Drug and Natural Product Synthesis (Wolfgang Holzer: wolfgang.holzer@univie.ac.at; T 4277-55623; Norbert Haider: norbert.haider@univie.ac.at; T 4277-55624)

Mass Spectrometry

Department of Ecogenomics and Molecular Systems Biology (Wolfram Weckwerth: wolfram.weckwerth@univie.ac.at; T: 4277-76550)

Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Research (Matthias Horn: matthias.horn@univie.ac.at;
T: 4277-76608)

Department of Pharmacognosy (Gottfried Reznicek: gottfried.reznicek@univie.ac.at, T: 4277 55210)

Department of Nutritional Sciences (Jürgen König: juergen.koenig@univie.ac.at, T: 4277-54991; Karl-Heinz Wagner: karl-heinz.wagner@univie.ac.at, T: 4277-54930)

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Bioharmaceutics (Helmut Viernstein: helmut.viernstein@univie.ac.at T: 4277-55400)

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