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UBB official opening


With the University of Vienna Biology Building (UBB), a new biology center has been built in Vienna's 3rd district over the past three years.

On Friday, October 8, the Federal Real Estate Company (BIG) and the University of Vienna opened the new university building together with Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research Heinz Faßmann and Mayor Michael Ludwig.


Jean-Robert Tyran (Vice Rector): "Students and staff are delighted to have a modern and communicative place to study and work. With this location, the Campus Vienna BioCenter will be further strengthened and become a flagship of research, visible throughout Europe and beyond."

Heinz Faßmann (Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research): "Modern, extremely climate-friendly and, above all, sustainable thanks to its special type of heat recovery - the new building of the Biology Center of the University of Vienna can confidently be described as avant-garde modern architecture. I am all the more pleased that we have succeeded in realizing this innovative building project within just three years, which now provides space for 5,000 students and 500 employees of the Faculty of Life Sciences and the University's Center for Microbiology and Environmental Sciences. The 146 million euros that the BMBWF is spending on this are money well invested. In addition, the immediate vicinity to the Vienna BioCenter, the largest life science cluster in Austria, guarantees the connection to excellent research in the field of life science."

Hans-Peter Weiss (CEO of BIG): "The 40,000 m² Biology Building is tailor-made for the complex requirements of a science faculty and was completed on time despite the Corona pandemic. The result is a particularly climate-friendly building that sets an architectural tone in the surrounding area."

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Handover of keys with Mayor Michael Ludwig, Vice Rector Jean-Robert Tyran, Federal Minister Heinz Faßmann and CEO of BIG Hans-Peter Weiss (©