90 professors

41 university professors

1072 employees

~ 25 % non-scientific staff

11.451 students

2.719 first-year students (WS 21)

~ 12 million euros

third-party funds per year

812 publications in 2021

676 in peer reviewed journals

15 awards and grants


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University of Vienna Biology Building (UBB)

© Bruno Klomfar

The Departments of Biology have found their new academic home in the University of Vienna Biology Building at Djerassiplatz 1 in the 3rd district. More than 5,000 students and nearly 500 employees will use the sustainable building for studying, teaching, research and administration.

The building with the eye-catching facade of 400,000 clinker bricks was realized based on the plans of the Berlin architects Karsten Liebner and Marcel Backhaus.


UBB official opening

On October 8, the Federal Real Estate Company (BIG) and the University of Vienna, together with Federal Minister Heinz Faßmann and Mayor Michael Ludwig, opened the new University of Vienna Biology Building.