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Climate game changer


Research identifies new microbe with potential to help rebalance Earth’s nitrogen cycle.

New research of a team of international scientists, led by microbiologists Michael Wagner and Holger Daims (University of Vienna) provides unparalleled insight into the Earth’s nitrogen cycle, identifying and characterizing the ammonia-oxidizing microbe, Nitrospira inopinata. The findings have significant implications for climate change research.

"Kinetic analysis of a complete nitrifier reveals an oligotrophic lifestyle“: K. Dimitri Kits, Christopher J. Sedlacek, Elena V. Lebedeva, Ping Han, Alexandr Bulaev, Petra Pjevac, Anne Daebeler, Stefano Romano, Mads Albertsen, Lisa Y. Stein, Holger Daims, Michael Wagner; in Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature23679

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This microbe, nitrospira inopinata, could hold the answers for rectifying Earth’s nitrogen problem. (c) Dimitri Kits