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Research Foci aim to increase the visibility of specific research fields within the faculty. Guidelines for the planning of Research Foci are to strengthen already excellent research fields, to support the development of new and relevant research topics, or to set new trends in already excellent areas. The identification of Research Foci is part of the development planning of the faculty (→ Development Plan).

Internal Programs include programs initiated either by the University (Initiative Groups, Research Platforms, Research Clusters, Research Networks) or the Faculty (Emerging Fields, Focus of Excellence, Young Investigator Award, Gertrud Pleskot Award) in order to stimulate the initiation of graduate programs (Initiative Groups), cooperations between faculties and universities (Research Platforms, Research Clusters, Research Networks), and to promote new promising research fields (Emerging Field) and successful young scientists (Focus of Excellence, Young Investigator Award, Gertrud Pleskot Award) in the faculty.

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