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Comammox research platform


This platform explores a new type of microorganism (comammox).

Comammox combines both steps of nitrification, a biological process of key importance to the environment, into a single organism for the first time. The reactions occurring in the microorganisms are investigated in the platform using state-of-the-art biochemical and structural biological methods. The platform is led by Holger Daims (Research Network "Chemistry meets Microbiology" and Faculty of Lifesciences) with participation of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Centre for Molecular Biology.

Research platforms address academic questions that can only be studied from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, the underlying goal is the promotion of especially innovative, interdisciplinary research projects. Research platforms are established for a duration of three years, which may be extended.

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Electron micrograph of a cell aggregate of comammox bacteria of the species Nitrospira inopinata. (c) Anne Daebeler and Stefano Romano