Faculty Awards and Programmes

Young Investigator Award

The Young Investigator Award is an initiative of the Faculty of Life Sciences designed to honour young postdoctoral scientists publishing in the top journals of their field. The award has a value of 7000 €. Award recipients are selected based on their publication output. They are expected to use the grant, which will is formally disbursed to the account of their department, to conduct research or to support their participation at international meetings. former awardees

Young Investigator Award - Call 2021



  • Daniel Fernandes (Department of Evolutionary Anthopology)
  • Guillaume Latome (Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research)


  • Palak Chaturvedi (Department of Ecogenomic and Systemsbiology)
  • Bea Maas (Department of Botany und Biodiversity Research)


  • Bernhard Franzke (Department of Nutritional Sciences)
  • Simon Rittmann (Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology)
  • Sonja Windhager (Department of Theoretical Biology)

Gertrud Pleskot Award

The Gertrud Pleskot Award is designed to promote young female scientists at the Faculty of Life Sciences especially early in their scientific careers and is awarded based on the same criteria as the Young Investigator Award. Read more about Gertrud Pleskot (in German). former awardees

Gertrud Pleskot Award - Call 2021



  • Agnes Dellinger (Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research)


  • Carina Siutz (Department of Behavioural Biology)
  • Ruth Sophie Taubner (Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology)


  • Victoria Klang (Department of Pharm.Technology and Biopharmaceutics)
  • Georgina Szipl (Core Facility Konrad Lorenz Research Station for Behaviour and Cognition, Grünau im Almtal)


Back to Research Grant

The "Back to Research" grant provides support for female postdoc researchers who reduced or interrupted their academic research in the past 5 years in order to care for their child/children. The grant enables female researchers to write applications for research projects that serve their career development and/or to write/complete publications. This grant is co-funded by the Rectorate and the Faculty of Life Sciences. former awardees


  • Barbara Fischer (Department of Theoretical Biology)
  • Susanna Sawyer (Department of Evolutionary Anthropology)