Research Support Facilities UBB

The Core Facility Shared Services UBB encompass the units imaging and mass spectrometry. Located in the University of Vienna Biology Building (UBB), this facility provides scientific services and support to all departments of the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Vienna Micro-Computed Tomography Lab (μCT-Lab)

The Vienna Micro-Computed Tomography Lab (μCT-Lab) uses X-ray technology to produce 3D high-resolution scans of biological, medical, archaeological, art-historical, and technical research objects with a resolution between 2 and 80μm. This custom-built machine (VISCOM X8060 NDT) can handle objects from the size of a pinhead to large ones up to 250mm in diameter.


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Animal Care UBB

The Animal Care UBB Core Facility coordinates the keeping of different animal species in the University of Vienna Biology Building (UBB). It serves the Departments of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology, Neuroscience and Developmental Biology, and Evolutionary Biology. The species range from insects and spiders to fishes, birds, and small mammals. The focus of the facility is on species-appropriate housing and high-quality care.


The workshop of the Faculty of Life Sciences is led by master mechanic Heinz Pfeiffer. Here, smaller and larger projects are carried out for the departments of the faculty, ranging from the development of tablet presses to the construction of animal enclosures. The workshop is equipped with modern equipment and machines that can support a wide range of work tasks.


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