Degree Programmes

The range of degree programmes offered at the Faculty is the largest among the natural science degree programmes at the University of Vienna. The Directorates of Studies (SPL) are in charge of more than 9'000 students.  Students can choose from a broad variety of study programmes. Applied courses in the lab or field work are key elements for the success of the programmes.

The Studies Service Centre of Life Sciences (SSC) administrates all programmes of our Faculty. It serves as a student information centre at faculty level for all questions concerning degree programmes and graduation.


Biology studies life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, identification, and taxonomy. At the University of Vienna, Biology is represented by all its subdisciplines.

The University of Vienna currently offers a Bachelor programme in Biology and 10 Master programmes. Additionally, Bachelor as well as Master teacher accreditation programmes are offered.

The following Master programmes are offered by the SPL Biology:

The following Master programmes are offered by SPL Molecular Biology:




Pharmacy is the science of drugs. Accordingly, the pharmaceutical sciences cover a group of interdisciplinary areas of study concerned with the design, action, delivery, and disposition of drugs. The pharmaceutical sciences are subdivided into several specialisations, with four main branches: Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technology, and Pharmacognosy. The graduates are qualified to work in a pharmacy to dispense prescription medications to patients and offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions. Further job opportunities are available in analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and health agencies.

Bachelor Programme in Pharmacy

The following Master programmes are offered by SPL Pharmacy:

Nutritional Sciences

The Bachelor study programme of Nutritional Sciences is focused on basic knowledge in natural sciences in the first semesters followed by scientific specialisation in topics of human nutrition, food science, and dietetics. Students will also gain experience in academic work and research under supervision, at least toward the end of the Bachelor programme. Additionally, Bachelor as well as Master teacher accreditation programmes are offered.

The Master programme with three focuses on “moleculare nutrition”, “food safety”, and “public health nutrition” is research driven. The current modifications of the curricula reflect the department's research areas. 

The SPL Nutritional Sciences offers the Master programme

Doctoral Programmes

The graduate programmes prepare students to address fundamental research problems in Life Sciences, with an emphasis in modern Biology, Molecular Biology, Nutritional Sciences and Pharmacy. The programmes as a whole provide broad, interdisciplinary training and opportunities in a congenial community of outstanding research laboratories in order to develop students’ ability to carry out independent scientific work. Depending on the field of research the PhD/doctoral programmes are conducted predominantly or exclusively in English. Graduates in Nutritional Sciences and Pharmacy, are awarded the degree “Dr.rer.nat”, graduates in the fields of Biology and Molecular Biology are awarded the degree “PhD”.

Please head to the StudiesServiceCenter of Life Sciences for further information.