FWF Awards and Grants

Wittgenstein Award

This FWF-programme provides both recognition and support to excellent scholars/scientists (up to 55 years of age) who have already produced exceptional scientific work and who occupy a prominent place in the international scientific community. The Wittgenstein Prize is the most generously supported research programme in Austria. As such, it attracts considerable media attention and thus contributes significantly to the understanding and acceptance of scholarly/scientific research by society.

  • Microbial Oceanography, Marine Biogeochemistry (2011-2016) PI: Gerhard J. Herndl (Department of Limnology and Oceanography)


START Grants

The START programme supports outstanding young researchers of any discipline with two or more years research experience as postdocs. They are given the long-term and extensive financial security to plan their research and to build up or consolidate their own research groups, thereby qualifying themselves for senior scientific positions (especially as university professors in Austria or abroad).

  • Evolution through recurrent allopolyploidization (2013-2019) PI: Ovidiu Paun (Dept. of Botany and Biodiversity Research)
  • Raven politics: Understanding and use of social relations (2008-2014) PI: Thomas Bugnyar (Dept. of Cognitive Biology)