President of Kyoto University and delegation visit UBB

Vienna, 19 June 2024 - Nagahiro Minato (President of Kyoto University) and a delegation visited the Biology Building (UBB) of the University of Vienna during their visit to Vienna. They were welcomed by Vice Dean Uli Technau, who gave them an extensive tour of the UBB facilities.


The tour included stops at the greenhouse, the mass spectrometry facility, the biotechnikum and the sea anemone facility. During the visit, researchers Simon Rittmann and Stephanie Wienkopp joined the tour, offering detailed insights into the cutting-edge research conducted at UBB.

This visit underscores the ongoing collaboration and exchange of knowledge between Kyoto University and the University of Vienna, fostering international academic and scientific partnerships.

Stephanie Wienkopp explains how the greenhouse aids the research at UBB

Simon Rittmann explains the cutting-edge technology at the UBB biotechnikum

The guests were given a tour of the MassSpec facility at UBB and questions about the research there were answered

Uli Technau explains the groundbreaking research that can be conducted with the model organism Nematostella