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New building for the Konrad Lorenz Research Center


Space for science and outreach activities: On June 8, the new building of the Konrad Lorenz Research Center for Behavioral and Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna in Grünau im Almtal, Upper Austria, was ceremoniously opened.

The Konrad Lorenz Research Center of the University of Vienna moved into a new building on June 8. "Since its establishment in 1973, the research center in Grünau im Almtal has been an integral part of the Austrian research landscape and an example of successful cooperation between public authorities, private sponsors and university research," said Science Minister Heinz Faßmann.

In addition to the Minister of Science, Governor Thomas Stelzer, the Rector of the University of Vienna, Heinz Engl, as well as Johann Vielhaber, President of the Operator Association of the Cumberland Wildpark Grünau and Sonia Kleindorfer, Director of the Konrad Lorenz Research Center, expressed their delight.


Top research at the location of Upper Austria

"Top-level research requires not only bright minds, but also a modern infrastructure," said Governor Thomas Stelzer. "The investments made by the state have secured this cutting-edge research at the location. It enables synergies with the Grünau Wildlife Park, as well as the active participation of the interested public. The construction of the new building is not only an important sign for Upper Austria as a research country, but also continues to secure the future of this globally recognized institution."


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