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Start of the RISK-HUNT3R project


RISK-HUNT3R project launches: risk assessment of chemicals integrating human centric next generation testing strategies promoting the 3Rs

RISK-HUNT3R is the new European effort hosting world-leading experts from many different disciplines aiming to develop a novel and modular framework for animal-free next generation risk assessment (NGRA).

Over the past decades, science and society have increasingly started demanding a paradigm shift towards chemical safety and risk assessment without using animals. In addition to growing ethical concerns around the use of animal studies, there is the fundamental need to address all potential health effects relevant and specific to humans. Furthermore, the limited efficiency of animal-based testing (low throughput, high costs, insufficient laboratory capacity) will not be able to keep up the pace in ensuring the required protection of European citizens based on the sheer number of chemicals that require safety assessment.

The vision of the RISK-HUNT3R consortium is to establish a reliable and cost-effective chemical risk assessment strategy based entirely on non-animal approaches.

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