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Electron transport by living cable bacteria


Cable bacteria are centimeter-long, multicellular filamentous bacteria, which are globally occurring in marine and freshwater sediments.

In their current study an international team of scientists - among them Michael Wagner, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science - presents measurements on individual cable-bacteria filaments that allow them to quantify a voltage drop along cable-bacteria filaments and show a transport of electrons over several millimeters. This is orders of magnitude longer than previously known for biological electron transport.

Long-distance electron transport in individual, living cable bacteria: Jesper T. Bjerga, Henricus T. S. Boschker, Steffen Larsen, David Berry, Markus Schmid, Diego Millo, Paula Tataru, Filip J. R. Meysmand, Michael Wagner, Lars Peter Nielsen, and Andreas Schramm

PNAS May 7, 2018. 201800367; published ahead of print May 7, 2018

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