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Inhalation as COVID-19 therapy: direct route to the lungs


Lea Ann Dailey works in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy on the efficient "packaging" of active substances, especially in the form of inhalation therapy. This therapy is particularly interesting in the treatment of lung diseases such as COVID-19.

To describe her field of pharmaceutical research, Lea Ann Dailey has come up with an easy-to-understand phrase: "Our goal is to transport an active ingredient to the right place in the body in the right quantity and at the right time."

Lea Ann Dailey has been conducting research in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy at the Faculty of Life Sciences since November 2019, and is currently working with Judith Rollinger, among others, on research into natural substances for the treatment of respiratory diseases - including COVID-19.

Inhalation: the "direct route"

To ensure that active substances reach the lungs in sufficient concentration, they are given via inhalation therapy, among other methods - a topic that Lea Ann Dailey has been working on for a very long time: "Early in my scientific career, I looked at the 'packaging' of active substances that are given for lung diseases. In particular, I have been investigating whether special packaging can increase the concentration of the drug in the lungs. Such approaches can, for example, help lung infections to be better treated and not develop antibiotic resistance." [more]

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