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Invasive alien pests endanger the forests of Europe


More and more species are introduced by humans into new areas. These include more harmful organisms such as insects and fungi, which infest tree species and can lead to the death of large forest areas when freely spread.

A study by Austrian scientists has now for the first time investigated the consequences of the possible impact of invasive alien pests on the Carbon (C) cycle in European forests. "We show that introduced tree pests can bring massive consequences for forests and climate but also for the landscape," says Stefan Dullinger, summarizing the results of the study. Therefore, there is an urgent need to prevent the further spread of these harmful organisms, such as the establishment of quarantine zones around already affected areas and increased controls on international trade.

Seidl R, Klonner G, Rammer W, Essl F, Moreno A, Neumann M, Stefan Dullinger (2018) Invasive alien pests threaten the carbon stored in Europe's forests. Nature Communications doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04096-w