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Relying on known or exploring for new?


Recent studies have revealed that poison frogs rely on spatial memory to successfully navigate through their environment.

This raises the question of when and how these frogs gain information about the area and suitable reproductive resources. To investigate the spatial patterns of pool use and to reveal potential explorative behavior, researchers of the Department of Cognitive Biology used telemetry to follow males of the territorial dendrobatid frog Allobates femoralis during tadpole transport and subsequent homing. [read more]


Beck, K.B., Loretto, M.-C., Ringler, M., Hödl, W. & Pašukonis, A. (2017). Relying on known or exploring for new? Movement patterns and reproductive resource use in a tadpole-transporting frog. PeerJ, 5: e3745 Doi: 10.7717/peerj.3745





(c) Andrius Pašukonis