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Podcast with Gerhard Herndl: State of the oceans worrying


Research ships have to be driven and some marine biologists spend more time on the water than on land. Contrary to all the adventure myths, this is a rather calm process. What is worrying, however, is the state of the oceans due to climate change, plastic waste and overfishing, says marine biologist Gerhard Herndl in the podcast interview.

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Gerhard Herndl is Professor of Marine Biology at the Faculty of Life Sciences. He has received numerous prizes and awards such as the Theodor Körner Prize, the Euroceans Roland Wollast Award for Scientific Achievements in Marine Science in Europe, the Wittgenstein Prize and in 2014 the G.E. Hutchinson Award of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO). He has been a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2013.

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