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Sleeping unsafely tucked in to conserve energy in nocturnal migratory songbirds


Sleeping with the head tucked in the back feathers is a common behavior exhibited by most species of birds.

In a recent study, scientist from the Vetmeduni Vienna and the University of Vienna found, that the hiding of the head during sleep reduces heat loss and conserves energy reserves. However sleeping with the head tucked is risky for the birds. Due to the reduced metabolic rate and the slower reaction time, their risk of being predated is increased. [read more]

“Sleeping unsafely tucked in to conserve energy in a nocturnal migratory songbird” by Andrea Ferretti, Niels C. Rattenborg, Thomas Ruf, Scott R. McWilliams, Massimiliano Cardinale and Leonida Fusani: Current Biology

Garden warbler (Foto: FLICKR/Billyboy, CC BY 2.09