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Targeting the cancer microenvironment


The human innate immune system is the first barrier for the defence against bacterial infections but also the central system for all healing processes in the body.

There is a plethora of different cell types and some of them are known to support cancer cell growth. Research teams of Wolfram Weckwerth from the University of Vienna and Thomas Weichhart from the Medical University of Vienna demonstrate that a novel biochemical checkpoint in these cells can inhibit their growth, thus providing a novel mechanism for the treatment of the supportive cancer tissue environment. [more]


Publication in Cell Reports: Inverse Data-Driven Modelling and Multiomics Analysis Reveals Phgdh as a Metabolic Checkpoint of Macrophage Polarization and Proliferation

Wilson, Jayne Louise, Nägele, Thomas, Linke, Monika, Demel, Florian, Fritsch, Stephanie, Mayr, Hannah Katharina, Cai, Zhengnan, Katholnig, Karl, Sun, Xiaoliang, Fragner, Lena, Miller, Anne, Haschemi, Arvand, Popa, Alexandra, Bergthaler, Andreas, Hengstschläger, Markus, Weichhart, Thomas and Weckwerth, Wolfram.

DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.01.011

n vitro Zellkultur mit stimulierten Makrophagen (ArkhipovSergey [CC BY-SA]).