Research Platforms

To advance especially innovative research areas and interdisciplinary research projects, the implementation of Research Platforms ("Forschungsplattformen") as organisational units between the faculties is possible.

Research platforms address academic questions that can only be studied from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, the underlying goal is to promote especially innovative, interdisciplinary research projects. Research platforms are established for a duration of three years, which may be extended.

The following research platforms are established at the University of Vienna with the participation of the Faculty of Life Sciences:

  • PLENTY (Plastics in the Environment and Society, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, and Faculty of Social Sciences Head: Gerhard J. Herndl
  • Active Ageing (Faculty of Life Sciences, Centre of Sport Science and University Sports) Head: Karl Heinz Wagner
  • Characterisation of Drug Involved Mechanisms (Faculty of Life Sciences; Faculty of Chemistry) Head: Claudia Valenta
  • Cognitive Science (Faculty of Philosophy and Education, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Centre for Translation Studies) Head: Franz-Markus Peschl
  • Vienna Metabolomics Center (ViMe) (Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy) Head: Wolfram Weckwerth