Computational Life Sciences

This key research area coordinates the numerous activities at the Faculty that focus on applying and developing information technologies in the life sciences. In addition to forming topic-related clusters, this key research area is aimed at the interdisciplinary establishment of new methods in the fields of pharmacoinformatics, in-silico metabolomics, proteomics and bioinformatics, genomic evolution, sequence-function relationships, multi-omics methods, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, as well as structural and systems biology. Particular emphasis is laid on processing high-throughput biological data, the development of mathematical methods for modelling biological and biomolecular systems, large-scale metagenome analyses, computational drug design, molecular informatics, as well as data integration and data mining.

© Stefanie Widder: Nanoscience high performance computer

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This key research area cooperates closely with other centres and faculties, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Max Perutz Labs. The move to the new location at the Vienna Biocenter Campus will further intensify the existing cooperation with the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna (CIBIV).

Research Groups

Research Group / PIResearch TopicDepartment
Maria Filipa Baltazar de Lima de SousaArchaea Genome Evolution and EcologyFunctional and Evolutionary Ecology
Gerhard EckerPharmacoinformaticsPharmaceutical Sciences
Franz GaborSmart Drug DeliveryPharmaceutical Sciences
Johannes KirchmairComputational Drug Discovery and Design

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Florian KoppMolecular Functions of Mammalian noncoding RNAPharmaceutical Sciences
Martin KuhlwilmEvolutionary genomicsEvolutionary Anthropology
Thierry LangerCheminformaticsPharmaceutical Sciences
Steffen WaldherrComputational Methods for Bio-/Chemical ProcessesFunctional and Evolutionary Ecology
Johann WaringerBenthic Communities and BioindicationFunctional and Evolutionary Ecology
Michael WirthSmart Drug DeliveryPharmaceutical Sciences